"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."
— Lady Bird Johnson


Hello and welcome to O&Y Studio! My name is Andrea but I've always been known as Andy. This is the place where I share my passion for sewing, working with yarn and my love of flowers. My greatest indulgence is having colorful, cut flowers throughout my home. 

I have been a maker almost all my life. Growing up in South Africa, my mom put knitting needles in my hands at age 4, and she presented me with my first sewing machine at age 11. From then on I knitted and sewed my own clothes, taught myself to crochet and pursued anything artsy and crafty I could lay my hands on. When I wasn't "making," I was arranging flowers, baking or cooking. After high school, I attended culinary school in Cape Town and worked as a chef until I came to the United States in my 20s. After marriage and my first child, I developed a love for smocking, hand-sewing and embroidery and later owned a smocking shop. My three adult children have all inherited my creative gene!

With extended family on different continents, I have been privileged to travel far and wide both within the U.S. and internationally, but my trips "home" to South Africa are my favorite. When I travel, I love to share my myriad photos (many of which are of flowers) and to bring back interesting wool and mohair yarns for new creations. I find I am most content in the garden, kitchen or studio — where I can create with my hands.

In late 2016 I started producing a series of floral, wool embroidery mounted in wooden embroidery hoops. I have a long list of different applications for my embroidery that I hope to pursue and share with you.

My Story

I founded O&Y Studio in late 2016 as a way to market and sell my flower-inspired fiber arts. The name comes from the phrase people have said to me all my life — "Oh Andy!"

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