The "Wire Embroidery Art" collection comprises a series of wool embroideries intricately executed on a crochet wire background. Some hoops have copper foil coatings while others are natural. Most have beaded details and the addition of metallic threads for a bit of sparkle and shimmer. The stitched flowers and stems seem to float when the art is hanging on the wall! They pair well with the embroideries done on wool crochet.

A "Copper and Teal" series comprised hoops that were covered in copper foil to offset the embroidery on the teal wool crochet backdrops. I started adding more bling in the way of unique beads and metallic thread details. They coordinate well with the light blue hoops.


The green Botanical Collection

Hoop embroideries look lovely on a gallery wall combined with other art, plates and photographs.

I've been working on a few driftwood hangings. The driftwood comes from the Oregon coast. I crochet the background and embroider a large leaf on each piece.

Blue and white hoop gallery wall